Vertical Rotary Surface Grinder VR-600AND

  • Vertical Rotary Surface Grinder VR-600AND
    • Meehanite Class FC30 casting with high riqid and wear resistance guide way insure machine permanent accuracy.
    • Spindle is designed for providing excellent stability and heavy duty grinding.
    • Siemense V3 grade spindle motor with good watarproof and moisture resistant design.Grade motor provides good water proofing resisting moisture.
    • Vertical feeding guide way use high rigid roller linear guideway (block x 6) provide smooth movement and rigidity.
    • Work table with fine pitch magnetic chuck has powerful attractive force and specalized for small workpiece.
    Rotary magnetic chuck dia. mm 600
    Maxi grinding radius mm 325
    Distance of table surface to spindle surface center mm 325
    Rotary magnetic chuck speed r.p.m. 5~50
    Rotary magnetic chuck horse power kw 3
    Spindle motor HP 15/20
    Spindle speed (50/60Hz) r.p.m. 1450/1750
    Auto downfeed horse power kw 1
    Vertical hand wheel downfeed per revolution MPG/mm x1, x5, x10 /
    0.1, 0.5, 1
    Vertical hand wheel downfeed per graduation MPG/mm x1, x5, x10 /
    0.001, 0.005, 0.01
    Wheel size (dia x width x bore) mm 150x50x25x8
    Net weight / gross weight (approx) kg 4800/5500
    Packing size (LxWxH) mm 3000x1500x2300
  • Coolant system Magnetic filter Auto. paper strip filter with magnetic separator and coolant system Oil mist collector
    Demagnetize On line wheel balance system (Manual) SBS (Auto) Digital readout
    Inverter Air-Conditioner    
    Si Quariz Ceramics Ceramics Ring
    Retaining Ring Slitting Saws Slitter Knife Spindle parts